Caption a video

You can watch the following video to learn how to caption a video. There is also a text version below.

Caption a video

  1. Log in to I ♡ Captions by going to

  2. Navigate to the 'Media' tab.

  3. Click on 'Upload' and drag a file to the window that appears.

  4. Select the language of your file, the project name, and the transcription engine, then click on 'Upload.'

  5. Wait for the file to finish uploading. This may take some time depending on your internet connection and the file size.

  6. After uploading, the file will begin processing. Processing time depends on the transcription engine and the length of the video.

  7. Once processing is complete, you can download the file by clicking on 'Options' and then 'Download.'

  8. You will be prompted to select the subtitle file format and preset. Click 'Download' again, and the subtitle file download will start automatically."

You can open the generated subtitle file in a video player like VLC or with any other subtitle editing software like SubtitleEdit.

Additionally, you can upload audio files for transcription and other subtitle files and documents for conversion between formats.

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